Knee Arthritis Surgery in NYC

Affecting more than 4 million patients in the United States every year, osteoarthritis is a common form of arthritic damage to the knee. Knee osteoarthritis gradually wears away at the cartilage that protects the joint’s bones, causing them to become brittle and deteriorated. Once this cartilage becomes damaged or worn away, significant pain and immobility arise.

Knee arthritis typically affects patients over the age of 50. The condition tends to affect overweight patients more often, as additional weight puts stress on the knees, and leads to quicker degeneration of cartilage. Knee arthritis is not, however, limited to these patients. Trauma to the knee can cause damage to its components, including the connective ligaments and protective cartilage. Damage to these components contributes to the development of knee arthritis later in life.

Knee Arthritis Symptoms

Knee Arthritis Surgery in NYCSymptoms of knee arthritis include pain, inflammation, discomfort, and immobility. Patients that suffer from knee arthritis may not be able to perform everyday tasks, such as picking up the newspaper, standing up from a chair, or gardening. Symptoms tend to progress as the condition worsens; however, progression is not always linear. Many patients report 'good' and 'bad' months, and often see a fluctuation of symptoms with the weather.

Common symptoms of knee arthritis include:

  • Pain moving the knee
  • Limited range of motion
  • Lack of confidence in the knee supporting body weight
  • Joint stiffness
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Knock knees or bow legs (joint deformity)

Before patients diagnose a condition, they should consider scheduling a visit to Dr. Haar's Manhattan, NYC office, located at 62 East 88th Street.

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Knee Arthritis Treatments

Knee arthritis can be treated in a number of ways; however, if the condition reaches a severe state, knee surgery may be indicated. Once again, only an orthopaedic surgeon can properly diagnose a condition, so it is best to see a knee specialist before making any choices regarding treatment.

Conservative Treatments for Knee Arthritis

Patients are often able to manage pain due to knee arthritis through weight loss, activity modification, and physical therapy. These conservative treatment tactics aim to reduce the amount of pressure put on the joints by reducing its burden, avoiding or limiting certain painful activities, and strengthening the muscles around the knee. These treatment options, coupled with NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) treatment, can help patients living with knee arthritis manage the pain and live a productive and relatively active life.

Knee Arthritis Surgery

For patients with debilitating knee arthritis, knee surgery is often the recommended solution. Treatment options such as total knee replacement and partial knee replacement represent solutions that remove the arthritic bone and diseased cartilage from the knee and replace it with orthopaedic implants that mimic the function of the natural knee.

Partial Knee Replacement in NYC

Dr. Haar specializes in partial knee replacement, a minimally invasive surgical solution for patients with knee arthritis confined to only one compartment. This solution is preferable to total knee replacement, as it leaves more natural bone intact. Patients that undergo partial knee replacement are often able to leave the operating room the same day.

Dr. Robert Haar is one of New York City's only orthopaedic surgeons with a fully accredited in-office outpatient ambulatory surgical center, allowing him to perform the procedure in-house. This allows patients to return to previous levels of activity in a shorter amount of time with the greatest amount of convenience.

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