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Transparent Surgery Pricing with Regency Healthcare

Take the guesswork out of your financial planning for a surgical procedure.

Surgical procedures performed in hospitals are often associated with hidden fees and extra costs, leaving patients with the financial burden of their procedures, even if they are insured. Dr. Haar, founder of Regency Healthcare in New York City, has made it his goal to provide transparent pricing for orthopedic procedures.

With Regency Healthcare’s Transparent Pricing Model, patients can benefit from the highest caliber surgical care without having to worry about insurance hurdles, deductibles, and copays. The Transparent Pricing Model includes all surgical costs. Patients are not charged additional anesthesia and facility fees. All Regency Healthcare procedures are performed on an outpatient basis by Dr. Haar, eliminating the need for costly overnight hospital stays.

Patients with insurance plans under the Health Insurance Exchange often have high deductibles and are restricted from traveling out of state to receive the best quality healthcare. Regency Healthcare helps patients avoid these hurdles with direct to consumer pricing that is often lower than these deductibles. The prices provided by Regency Healthcare are not introductory rates, nor are they “cut-rate” or discounted services. Regency Healthcare’s is physician-owned and operated and is therefore able to determine the costs of procedures. Pricing is based on free-market value and includes anesthesia and facility fees.

Regency Healthcare has opted out of all government and commercially-based insurance plans. Direct to consumer pricing ensures that patients will be able to have procedures at significantly lower rates than procedures performed in hospitals. This pricing allows everyone to receive high quality healthcare, regardless of insurance status.

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Price Comparison

Our prices offered for major orthopedic surgeries as compared to Major Orthopedic Hospitals
Procedures Our Price Hospitals Price
Arthroscopic Knee Meniscectomy USD 6500 USD 10500 Request a Consultation
Partial Knee Replacement USD 25000 USD 33000 Request a Consultation
Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction USD 17500 USD 24000 Request a Consultation
MCL Repair USD 15000 USD 21500 Request a Consultation
Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff USD 14500 USD 20000 Request a Consultation
Arthroscopic Shoulder Stabilization USD 6500 USD 21500 Request a Consultation
Ankle Arthroscopy USD 14500 USD 11000 Request a Consultation
Achillies Tendon Repair USD 14000 USD 21000 Request a Consultation
Elbow Arthroscopy USD 7500 USD 11000 Request a Consultation
Wrist Arthroscopy USD 7500 USD 11500 Request a Consultation
Carpal Tunnel Release USD 6500 USD 10000 Request a Consultation
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