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About Direct Pay

We offer a boutique setting, personalized and concierge-style care directly with the end provider. We also have a nonexistent infection rate from our highly-controlled and monitored clinic. Direct Surgery Manhattan’s state of the art surgical facility is located in the heart of Manhattan’s Upper East Side and offers several hotel options for traveling patients. From the moment our patients arrive in New York City, DSM makes your experience as relaxing as possible.

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Cost Table

Partial Knee Replacement USD 25000 Book Appointment
Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction USD 17500 Book Appointment
Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff USD 14500 Book Appointment
Ankle Arthroscopy USD 14500 Book Appointment
Achillies Tendon Repair USD 14000 Book Appointment
Elbow Arthroscopy USD 7500 Book Appointment
Carpal Tunnel Release USD 6500 Book Appointment

About Dr. Robert D. Haar

Enriched with over 40-years of experience as an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Robert D.Haar has earned a prestigious position among world-renowned orthopedic specialists. Currently recognized as the Medical Director of the Haar Orthopedics & Sports Medicinein NYC, Dr. Haar is also a Sports Medicine doctor acknowledged for his spectacular approach towards major bone diseases.

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Dr. Robert Haar will consult with you thorugh an easy to use online video conferencing tool and suggest you the best possible treatment for your health. Just select the slot for Booking an appointment for teleconsultation based on your convenience, and Dr. Haar will be in touch with you.

All the treatments offered by Haar Orthopedics are available under Direct Cash Pay Scheme. All procedures related to the Knee, Shoulder, Foot, Ankle, Hand are covered under Direct Cash Pay Scheme.

We require a $500.00 consultation fee to begin the process of seeing our Board Certified Surgeons. The fee, however, is applied to any procedure or surgery indicated and scheduled.
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While we do not accept insurance, we will help you submit the appropriate forms where applicable, as your insurance may cover some or all of your treatment cost.
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