What is the Role of Sports Physiotherapists in Sports-Related Injuries?

What is the Role of Sports Physiotherapists in Sports-Related Injuries?

It is common for sports person and athletes to get injured while playing any type of sports. A sports physiotherapist can help in preventing and managing injuries resulting from sports activities. These are trained and experienced practitioners that offer evidence-based suggestions to athletes on safe participation in exercise and sports events. The physiotherapists can also help an athlete in improving and maintaining fitness level and quality of life.

Where can you find sports physiotherapists?

The best sports physiotherapist can help sportsmen of all ages and varied abilities to improve their performance. The sports physiotherapists operate in various settings. While some have their private practice, others operate from a clinical setting. The sports physiotherapists also work with elite athlete groups and also travel with the teams. Their services are often aligned with sports coaches, medical professionals, trainers, and other support staff of the athletes. The sports physiotherapists also conduct training sessions within sports organizations and offer services associated with injury prevention, rehabilitation, and more. 

Some essential qualities that are seen in a sports physiotherapist are:

  • They are professionals with good personal behavior.
  • They are accessible to an athlete whenever needed.
  • They have an interest in every athlete’s journey and level of fitness.
  • They are open about athlete’s need to work with other practitioners. 

These physiotherapists not only help in preventing and managing injuries but also help in training the athletes for the increased duration and more intensity without getting injured. 

Common physiotherapy treatment techniques are as follows:

  • Mobilization
  • Taping
  • Massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Manipulation
  • Exercise prescription

The above-mentioned exercises and therapies are helpful for the athletes in general. However, it also depends on the individual athlete’s needs. The athletes put their faith in the therapist that they will resolve any fitness and injury issue. 

The sports physiotherapists work in close association with sports coaches as well. Sports coaches are responsible for the performance and training of the athletes, and hence they should be involved in the medical decisions about an athlete. 

Role of sports physiotherapist in Elite sports events

The sports physiotherapists are an important part of the sports medicine team. During elite sports, the role of physiotherapists is to offer treatment and rehabilitation of injuries. They also work on injury prevention, maintenance as well as recovery interventions. 

They also face the challenges related to the management of pre-existing conditions in the athletes. Overuse injuries have been recognized as one of the most common reasons for athletes to attend physiotherapy services. It is clear that the role of sports physiotherapists is vast. 

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