Everything You Need to Know About Relation between Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

Everything You Need to Know About Relation between Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

People who are not aware of the relation between physical therapy and sports medicine might wonder if they are related. You might have observed that physical therapy clinics often mention sports medicine as well. The pertinent question is they are interrelated or interchangeable. Here’s a look at how active physical therapy and sports medicine can benefit you.

About Sports Medicine

Sports medicine practitioners undergo training to help patients in restoring their body functions. This enables them to move as early as possible. They also train the patients on how to avoid sports-related injuries irrespective of the activity level of the patient. The sports medicine physiotherapy experts work with professional athletes. However, they also work with children, teenagers, and adults for sports injuries and exercise. 

In fact, it is to be noted that sports medicine is not a recognized medical specialty, unlike physiotherapy, radiology, optometry, etc. Those interested in sports medicine can get certification in general practices like internal medicine, emergency medicine, or family medicine. After getting the certification, specialized training for sports medicine can be gained. 

People may seek assistance from a sports medicine specialist in case of sprained ankles, fractures, knee injury, shoulder injury, tendonitis, eating disorders, cartilage injuries, etc. The sports medicine specialists are also informed in areas like nutrition, supplements, exercise routine, and tips for preventing injury. 

The Link Between Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

Physical therapy includes preventive and restorative practices, just like sports medicine. When your general healthcare practitioner advises that you need specialized treatment, you need to visit a physical therapy clinic. When a part of your body pains, you acknowledge it and feel that something needs attention. If ignored, it can lead to weakness or stiffness along with other side effects. Routine activities will become unbearable. Consulting a physical therapist can help in optimizing the function of your body quickly. You won’t need OTC pain relievers that offer only temporary relief. 

Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine for Pain

If you are an athlete that suffers from sports-related pain, sports medicine can come into the picture along with physical therapy. Physical therapists are well trained to help patients get relief from their physical pain. They create a customized recovery program for every individual. Every person is different and so are their needs. Therefore, one needs a custom plan for recovery. 

Three Ways Physical Therapies Can Help:

  • Physical therapy clinics offer different classes or programs related to specific injuries.
  • Runners can benefit from physical therapy. 
  • With the help of functional movement screenings, an athlete can determine physical weakness, evaluate movement patterns. This helps in identifying and correcting the weakness with training. 

If you are looking for a physical therapy clinic post knee surgery, Haar Orthopaedic is the right place for you. We have a team of physical therapy professionals who can help in restoring the functions of your body post-injury or surgery. You must always choose a reputed clinic for physical therapy after verifying ratings and testimonials. 

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