How your posture has an impact on the pain in your shoulder?
How Your Posture is Affecting Your Shoulder Pain

How your posture has an impact on the pain in your shoulder?

Most of us don’t have the right posture as we keep busy working on our computers or texting endlessly. Because of the pandemic, most people work from home. It is not an ideal setup as we end up working sitting on the bed. When you work for hours on the system without taking any break, it can lead to bad posture and its side effects. The twisted postures have become quite common.

Several studies say that poor posture can lead to shoulder pain issues. In fact, one of the most common causes of shoulder pain is subacromial impingement syndrome. This happens when the rotator cuff tendons become compressed in the subacromial space. It is a narrow space wherein shoulder tendons pass between the shoulder joint and shoulder blade. 

If the compression continues over time, it can lead to shoulder pain, instability, and weakness. This can affect various motions such as reaching overhead and lifting. It also becomes uncomfortable to find a good sleeping position. The common posture abnormalities which can lead to shoulder impingement are as follows:

  • Forward head posture- FHP
  • Forward shoulder posture- FSP
  • Increased kyphosis of the thoracic spine

In order to enjoy full and pain free range of motion, the muscles that attach to neck, shoulder, shoulder blade, and mid back work together in balanced sequence. In case of imbalance, one needs compensation for completing the task. 

When you raise your arm, the mid-back prepares itself for the motion by extending for allowing the shoulder blade to rotate upwards in order to complete the arm motion. When you are slumped forward, the rounded mid-back limits the ability of the shoulder blade to rotate upwards. Hence, it compensates by elevating, enabling the arm to achieve its goal. This kind of elevation puts your shoulder blade in an abnormal position, thereby limiting the shoulder’s range of motion.

Here’s a look at some tips that can help in reducing the instances of shoulder impingement that can happen because of postural compromise:

  • You need to be aware and alert about the position of your head, spine, and dominant shoulder. You should keep on adjusting their positions till it becomes second nature.
  • It is recommended to set up a comfortable workspace wherein you can maintain good posture. You can also explore some exercises that help in improving your posture.
  • When you need to work for long hours, it is better to take breaks at regular intervals. Stand and stretch a bit and move around for few minutes. It is not possible to hold the perfect posture for many hours, so it is better to take a break. 
  • Try to include some exercises in your daily routine for promoting muscle balance and getting blood flow to the spine and shoulder girdle muscles. This is more important if you have to sit for long hours. 

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