How sports injuries affect young athletes

How sports injuries affect young athletes

In America, the love for sports among people is quite palpable. People not only love to enjoy sports activities as spectators but also participate in the same. Whether it is participation in games or practicing them as a part of fitness routine, sports are an integral part of their lives. And with sports comes the risk of injuries. 

Renowned orthopedics practicing in the USA share that as many as 75% of the cases that come to doctors are for sports injuries treatment. There are even young patients with ACL tears in the knees. These ACL cases are complicated in children as compared to adults because children are in growing age. 

In cases of ACL tears in children below the age of 10, orthopedics recommend physiotherapy for strengthening the muscles near the knee along with knee braces for stability. These young patients are monitored over a period of time and asked not to participate in sports activities till the time they are grown up enough to get an ACL surgery done. 

How is ACL surgery performed?

When a standard ACL surgery is performed, drilling through the bone needs to be done. In children, whom this growth is still remaining, drilling through the bone would mean drilling the growth plate. This can lead to problems in the future. There are special techniques where drilling can be done to avoid the growth plate. In some cases, the new ACL reconstruction might be placed in a different position compared to where it’s usually found. However, one of the major risks of performing surgery this way is re-tear later in life. Once the children reach the age of 15, they are treated the same way as adults.

Other injuries during sports

Though knee injury is common they are not the only joint that gets injured during sports. There are few cases of elbow injuries, but orthopedics see patients with broken elbows due to contact sports or falling. Such injuries are treated with the help of a short-term cast, braces, and physical therapy. 

Many young people participate in high-level throwing sports, which can cause elbow pain because of overuse. This can be caused by throwing many pitches or not taking enough off days between throwing. It might lead to pain and soreness in the elbow or severe injury. It can also lead to tearing in any of the ligaments in the inside of the elbow, known as Tommy John Ligament. 

Ankles and feet can also get injured due to sports activities. Ankle sprains can lead to pain and swelling. Once the x-ray confirms that there are no broken bones, patients are treated with braces and physiotherapy. Ankle sprains can heal within 3–6 weeks. 

Sports injuries are no more pain for a lifetime. The surgical and non-invasive treatments help athletes in resuming their sports activities. Haar Orthopedics offers excellent treatments for sports injuries and ways for sports injuries prevention. For more information and queries on orthopedic treatments and our doctors, get in touch with our team today!

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