New York City Partial Knee Replacement

Patient Testimonials

"My out-patient pain after my partial knee replacement was easier than I expected."

— Your patient, Stephen

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The partial knee replacement, also known as a unicompartmental or unicondylar knee replacement, is a surgery that has been revolutionizing the way patients think and feel about joint replacement technology. This minimally invasive procedure can most often be done as an outpatient procedure, and feels more like a normal knee than a traditional knee replacement. This makes it possible to dramatically change lives and restore mobility earlier on in life to active adults, with far less discomfort – even if you have arthritis or degeneration in only one part of your joint. Because the truth is, many active patients require only a partial knee replacement.

Outpatient Partial Knee Replacement in NYC

Dr. Haar’s expertise in partial knee replacement allows candidates to experience minimal discomfort, since pain management and a favorable experience with anesthesia are focused on, due to the practice’s sensitivity to pain requirements. In fact, the doctor is confident that most patients will be able to tolerate the procedure satisfactorily and be comfortable with being discharged that day. Recovery time is substantially shortened, with only typically a six-week period before being out on the putting green again, and an earlier return to the tennis court. And that’s not to mention an elimination of the usual 2-4 days in the hospital, versus the PKR outpatient ambulatory surgical procedure.

Benefits of Partial Knee Replacement

Other dramatic benefits include a better range of motion versus a full replacement, a higher level of possible activity, a smaller incision, a smaller implant, and the fact that an entire 2/3 of the joint remain untouched and un-tampered with. Additionally, with this less invasive process, less blood is lost, meaning neither a tourniquet nor a Foley catheter drain used.

Dr. Haar’s practice will be happy to provide any assistance in making your partial knee replacement as stress-free as possible. Through our relationships with different local hotels, accommodations can be provided at a discounted rate. Please let us know if you’re coming in from out of town so that we may assist you with your arrangements.

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