Knee Surgeon in New York City

Knee Surgeon in New York City

Dr. Robert Haar is one of New York City's most well-established knee specialists, and performs a wide variety of procedures affecting the knee joint and the surrounding tissues and ligaments. He is one of the few knee surgeons that have an in-office, fully accredited ambulatory facility in New York City. This facility allows Dr. Haar to perform total knee replacement, partial knee replacement, and sports injury procedures, such as ACL surgery, right in his office, and provides patients with an additional level of comfort and convenience.

A Conservative Approach to Knee Pain Treatment

Whenever possible, Dr. Haar advocates minimally invasive solutions to treat patients' knee pains, whether caused by osteoarthritis, a traumatic blow to the knee, or an overuse injury sustained during athletic activity. These minimally invasive procedures include partial knee replacement and knee arthroscopy.

Partial Knee Resurfacing

Haar Orthopedics & Sports Medicine features an in-office ambulatory facility, where Dr. Haar regularly performs partial knee resurfacing surgery on an outpatient basis. Like total knee replacement, partial knee resurfacing alleviates the symptoms of osteoarthritis in the knee. Potential benefits of the surgery extend beyond those of traditional knee replacement, providing patients with a shorter post-operative recovery period, less scarring, and preserving more of the healthy knee.

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Knee Arthroscopy Treatment

As a knee arthroscopy specialist, Dr. Haar treats a wide variety of sports injuries affecting the knee, including ACL tears and meniscal tears. These procedures are often performed in a minimally invasive manner, and provide a number of potential benefits for the patient, such as reduced post-operative recovery time, reduced scarring, and less blood loss during surgery.

Dr. Haar specializes in the following procedures and pathologies:

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